Old Barsey Press

Old Barsey Press has been lying dormant since medieval times, waiting for the wake-up call to spring into action. The Gutenberg Mark X is back at work with only a wipe of paraffin and some carefully-placed candle wax to lubricate the mechanism, delivering books of sparkle, originality and individual style. (We do non-fiction too.)

Oak Seer

Jack Briscoe has two passions: woodwork and womanizing. Stricken by a curse, both are torn away as visions from the past take over his life. Is an ancient oak carving of a monstrous face his ruthless enemy? He tries to exorcise the past. But maybe the past is exorcising him.

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Flither Lass

Amy’s world is a cold and inhospitable one of treacherous cliffs, lethal tides and brutal villagers. The sea brings loss and discovery, taking the one person she truly loves, yet bringing her a stranger that transforms her childhood innocence into the passionate reality of a young woman.

But it’s 1915, England is at war, and the stranger is German.

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Build A Beach Hut

This little book includes a beach hut plan for your garden, similar to those found on seaside promenades, with pitched roof and covered veranda. The design uses strong methods of construction and can be tailored to suit your own sizes, complete with cutting and materials lists and over 100 illustrations.

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How Much For A Little Screw

In Little Sniffingham predators are looming like scheming forces of evil, determined to pillage and plunder the town centre, smashing shopkeepers aside in their wake. This book is one man’s memoir—a treasure trove of anecdotes, some tinged with humour, others with disappointment, some downright bizarre. A book about survival.

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